Found an Animal – Help

If you have found an animal, whether on UCC grounds or elsewhere, there are several things you can do to help.

If the animal is a cat/dog, try to approach it, providing it isn’t extremely scared. Does it have a collar? Does it look well fed? Is it frightened?
If it is a dog, try to see if an owner is around. If it has a tag on the collar, check for a phone number you might be able to reach out to. The cat could be feral, so try to look for signs that the cat hasn’t eaten, or if it is very friendly.

If you can catch the animal, you may be able to bring it to a vet to check for a microchip.
Please take a picture and send to one of the various charities which share information on lost and found animals, such as Munster Lost and Found, who might be able to provide some further assistance.
There are various rescue shelters that might be able to take in the animal, so please try to contact and see if they can help. Alternatively, a vet might be able to take the animal and bring it to a shelter.

If the animal is a wild animal, such as a bird, it is much more difficult as rescues aren’t readily available for them. Try to contact the CSPCA (021) 451 5534 and see if they would be able to come out to help. You can also try your local vet to see if they could take it in.
Alernatively, please look at the information at for assistance on short-term care of the animal.
The UCC Animal Welfare Society is only a group of students who wish to help animals, and unfortunately we do not have any experience with injuries or illnesses associated with wild animals.
We will still try to help as much as we can, so if you are feeling unsure, please do message us!