Our Aims and Objectives

Per our constitution, the goals of the Animal Welfare Society are as follows:
• Connect students with an interest in animal rights and welfare in UCC.
• Encourage members of the wider student population to live cruelty-free lifestyle.
• Promote animal rights and welfare on a local and national level.
• Raise funds for non-profit organisations that work towards animal welfare.
• Improve selection of Vegetarian and Vegan options in our campus restaurants and increase awareness on the negatives of the meat industry.
• Challenge and oppose the exploitation of animals in all forms.

We wish to improve the welfare of animals in all forms, which we hope to achieve by fundraising for charities, spreading awareness of the various issues, and educating people about how to live cruelty-free lives.
For the year of 17/18, we raised over €1800 for various charities, and we screened various documentaries and films which discussed the issues of animal rights, such as Cowspiracy, Okja, Virunga and many more. We also held a debate with UCC Pharmaceutical Society on the topic of Animal Testing. We showcased a variety of cruelty-free makeup and hygiene products that people could switch over to and make a difference. We also had our first trip to the Donkey Sanctuary Ireland, which was a very educational and fun experience for all. We also deeply supported the Meatless Monday Initiative and encouraged people to continue trying the lifestyle. We have also held a Vegan cooking class for students on a budget, which was also highly educational.
As we are only students, we have no extensive knowledge or skills related to rescuing or rehabilitating any animals. We also are not a rescue shelter, and we can’t take in any found pets. Despite this, our members have always tried to do the best they can, including temporarily minding wild birds, hedgehogs, found dogs and cats until an appropriate rescue was able to take them for a longer period of time.