Our Constitution (Valid from June 2018)

Constitution of the University College Cork Animal Welfare Society

1.0 General

1.1 The title of this Society shall be the UCC Animal Welfare Society, hereafter called the Society.

1.2 The main objective of the Society is: to advocate for the ethical treatment of animals through co-operation with Animal Welfare Organisations and promote a cruelty-free lifestyle towards students and institutions in UCC.

1.3 The Society aims to:
• Connect students with an interest in animal rights and welfare in UCC.
• Encourage members of the wider student population to live cruelty-free lifestyle.
• Promote animal rights and welfare on a local and national level.
• Raise funds for non-profit organisations that work towards animal welfare.
• Improve selection of Vegetarian and Vegan options in our campus restaurants and increase awareness on the negatives of the meat industry.
• Challenge and oppose the exploitation of animals in all forms.

1.4 There shall be one class of membership: Ordinary Members. Ordinary membership of the Society shall be available to all University students.

2.0 The Committee

2.1 The committee shall be elected solely from the ordinary members. It shall be composed of one member in each of the positions at minimum;
• Chairperson
• Finance Officer
• Secretary
• First Year Representative
• Ordinary Committee Members

Additionally, the following positions will also be available but are not required for the running of the Society;
• Deputy Chairperson
• Deputy Finance Officer
• Public Relations Officer
• Webmaster
• Events Officer
• Entertainments Representative
• Campaigns Officer

The number of committee members elected shall be decided upon by a simple majority vote at an Annual General Meeting. The number of members allowed to hold the same position shall be decided in advance by the current committee. Should a member resign, an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) can be arranged to elect new members at discretion of the Society. If the number of members present on the Society falls below 10, a General Meeting is required to be held at the soonest time possible. An EGM must also be held as soon as possible if the Chairperson, Secretary or Finance Officer are no longer present on the Society.

3.0 Election of Officials

3.1 The method of election shall be by simple majority vote.

3.2 Members of the committee may resign by giving one week’s notice to the Secretary or Chairperson, or in the case of the Secretary, to the Chairperson.

3.3 The committee may pass a vote of no confidence in one of its members if it is believed that they are purposely failing in their duties and responsibilities. The vote may be called by issuing the person with 5 working days’ notice prior to a committee meeting. All members must be aware of the vote in advance of the meeting. The vote must pass by a majority of half the committee plus one. Attempts of reasoning and communication with the member in questions must have been made beforehand to prevent radical escalation.

3.4 In the case of a vacancy on the Committee due to resignation, the Committee shall have the power to co-opt any member to the Committee until the next General Meeting of the Society.

3.5 The election of the First Year Representative shall be held in a General Meeting in Semester One of each academic year.

3.6 There will be a term limit of 2 consecutive years for each position. Members can be elected an indefinite amount of times to distinct positions, however.

4.0 Duties of Officials

4.1 The Chairperson shall chair meetings of the Committee and any general meetings that may be held. The Chairperson is responsible for ensuring all members are adequately confident in work assigned to them and serving as a voice between the Society and the Societies Guild. The Chairperson has the right to co-opt any member of the Society as an assistant.

4.2 The Secretary shall maintain a record of the meetings and deal with any formal correspondence and other administrative duties. The Secretary will also log attendance, maintain our mailing list and email updates regularly.

4.3 The Finance Officer shall be responsible for handling the monies of the Society. A Vice Finance Officer may be elected if requested by the Finance Officer.

4.4 The Public Relations Officer will be responsible for the maintenance of the profile of the Society. It will be their responsibility to maintain the image of the Society, by designing posters, banners and leaflets. They are responsible for any future logo redesigns.

4.6 The Campaigns Officer will be responsible for keeping the committee up-to-date on current campaigns and issues concerning animal welfare, as well as conducting the campaigns of the Society.

4.7 The Events Officer is responsible for the planning of events, including locations, contacting and confirming attendance of external members, identifying resources needed and how much manpower is required.

4.8 The First Year Representative will be responsible for ensuring that contact is maintained between the Society and first year students, as well as first year integration to the Society. They will also assist in the general running of the society as needed.

4.9 The Webmaster is responsible for our Social Media presence by posting relevant media on our platforms, responding to general messages from members through Facebook, and ensuring members are kept up to date on Society events and activities.

4.10 Ordinary Committee Members will assist the rest of the committee as needed.

4.11 The Society members shall take an active part in the Society, shall represent the Society on any outing/activity and shall represent the Society when communicating with bodies outside the Society.

5.0 Meetings

5.1 Committee meetings shall be held when deemed necessary by the Committee. At least two meetings per term shall be held. The Secretary shall give at least two days notice of any meeting. All meetings will be deemed mandatory, unless a reasonable excuse is given in advance. Repeated offenses of none or unacceptable excuses will be considered justification for a vote of no confidence.

6.0 Interpretation of and access to the Constitution

6.1 The Chairperson shall rule on the meaning of the constitution whenever any dispute arises. This may be overruled by a simple majority vote at a general meeting.

6.2 It is mandatory that all members are made aware of the constitution and have freely been given access to read it at their own discretion.

7.0 The Societies Guild

7.1 The Societies’ Guild is the organisation of all recognised UCC Societies and the UCC Society shall operate under the rules laid down by this organisation.